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New Publication!

There’s a new non-fiction, writing craft book coming out soon. It will be a great help to writers when they are plotting their books. A proof has been ordered, and it is in the final stages of editing. It should be available within 2 weeks […]

Another new title!

Here at Hard Pressed Books, we are extremely happy to welcome another non-fiction book into our house. Anita Belli has many years of experience of working with creatives, and she has run workshops, created courses and mentored writers from the very young to the very not-so-young. […]

Publication day!

Well, it was about a week ago, but there wasn’t time to do a complete announcement / launch, as I was heading out on holiday. Anyway, we have “How to win NaNoWriMo – advice and inspiration from a twelve-time winner“, and “Scrivener Pure and Simple – a simple way to set up Scrivener for new users“. Both are books we think will be of enormous value and interest to writers.

NaNoWriMo is a month-long challenge to write 50,000 words of a new novel, and each year, many tens of thousands of authors across the world take part. The author has successfully completed this challenge twelve times since 2003, and he has a lot of experience of talking to, and working with, writers at all levels of experience. Common problems crop up time after time, and this book is an attempt to help authors past those sticking points during the month.

Scrivener is a piece of software which helps writers organise and streamline their writing process. The one criticism, heard time and again, is that it appears to be over-complicated for new users. That is why the author has stripped back the features, and presented a very simple way of setting up the software so that it is much easier to use.

Please check them out on our non-fiction page at Non-fiction books

Cover reveal!

This is the cover for our new book: How To Win NaNoWriMo – Dozens of tips, hints, and pages of advice for those who want to complete the 50,000 word, 30-day challenge. We’re pretty excited about it. Available soon from the Amazon Kindle store.

Two new releases!

Not one, but two new ebook releases from Hard Pressed Books in the next few days. We have one cover, and the makings of one for the second ebook. The first two titles under the Hard Pressed Books banner – it is something to be […]


As November approaches, many authors and would-be authors will be preparing for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, an annual 50,000 word writing challenge.

This year, we are pleased and proud to announce our first book, “How to win NaNoWriMo”. Written by one of our authors with many years of experience of this challenge, it is full of useful tips and hints, with more advice and inspiration in a day-by-day read at the back of the book. I’m sure, of you are one of those people thinking of partaking in NaNoWriMo this year, you’ll find this book fascinating and useful!

Begin Scrivener

Hello! Many of you writers out there will have seen Scrivener, or will have been told about it. I have spoken, in the flesh, to many, many writers, and the single most oft-repeated comment is: “Oh, it’s too complicated to learn.” I understand this. I […]

New website

Hi! Here at Hard Pressed Books, we’re very excited about our new website. You may notice that this is hosted at the .com domain. We also have the website at But that is our UK website, and this covers our services to writers. Please feel […]