New book on story structure!

Do you know your Monomyth from your Plot Embryo? Your Twelve Pillars from your Three (or Four) Acts? Are you a Snowflake? Have you ever Saved The Cat?
If you’re a storyteller, you should be aware that the most successful stories, whether told in books, on screen or in person, have a narrative structure.
When we first being writing and telling stories, as children, we learn that all stories should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. But then, taking that and expanding it to cover a full novel-length story can possibly lead to lack of focus. Worst of all, it can lead to lack of story and a soggy middle.
This book covers, in detail, ten different ways to outline your story. Some are classic, and have their roots in Greek mythology; some are more modern and based on filmmaking techniques. But they all show how the writer can progress from a simple story idea to creating a multi-strand, fulfilling and engaging story with the minimum of rewriting. Which method will suit your story best?
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