“If you’re looking for a page turning story with a great plot then look no further. Brilliant characters and great plot.”

“After reading Jack Warwick's novel Deceit I was really looking forward to Meltdown and it didn't disappoint. Looking forward to more from Jack Warwick!”

This new 4-book box set has all the excitement and intrigue you could wish for in a John Grisham, James Patterson or Michael Connolly!
It is autumn in Buckholme, Yorkshire. The woodland surrounding the village is tinder-dry. It hasn’t rained for weeks and weeks. Months, even.
Enter Darryl Fox. He was a Californian firefighter, until a wildfire took his wife and two young children.
He’s here to resolve the inheritance of an old family house. But he sees danger everywhere.
The villagers are intent on setting a large village barbecue into this arid landscape. He knows this is the last thing they should do. But will they listen to his warnings?
It only takes one spark ...
A young woman works hard to build her business and care for her disabled child.
But she is forced into making decisions she would not normally make.
And thus begins a spiral of corruption, where business and politics meet, and where innocents like Caroline Trafford are treated as pawns in a bigger political game.. 
An ageing nuclear power station, run by a company trying to stretch out its final years.A maintenance worker, bearing a grudge, with a new and mysterious girlfriend.A local landowner, prepared to bend the rules in order to protect his investment.And the heaviest rain for years.

What could possibly go wrong?
Abi Gillespie’s life is turned upside-down when a bomb destroys a clearly-marked hospital in Syria, killing her brother Adrian and the young patient he was treating. As she is dealing with her grief, a stranger brings evidence that all might not be as it seems.

She begins an investigation which will link terrorists in Syria, the British Government, and dark forces who will stop at nothing to get their way.Abi risks friendships, old and new, and even her own life, to answer the question:
Why was Adrian killed?
From the keyboard of one of the masters of short and micro fiction comes a collection of tales which encompass the dark, gritty and frightening genres. Each tale is a story within itself.

In Part One, there are 20 short stories of 500 words maximum.

In Part Two, the stories become even more micro, at 100 words or even fewer.
Fifty-two short and very short tales - supernatural, horror, dark fiction all.
Amazon reviews

I loved the stories in this book, all different and interesting. I like the short stories as you can just read one quickly if you are waiting for something, or don't have much time.

A great compilation of short stories, which are well-written.

A great e book for that plane/train journey or even just for days when you don't feel like getting involved in a whole novel.
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